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The right underwear can change a woman's life.

It could be you. 

My first video, this is based on a poem by Jan Wallace.

Joyce Lawler in Serious Underwear

Shot on location in Seattle, Serious Underwear is a poetry video. It's designed for an audience who usually has no contact with poetry.  The videomaker and poet collaborated throughout the production process.

The opening and closing scenes take place between the poet and her friend Sarah. Jan meets Sarah for a cup of coffee and reads the poem she's been working on. A fantasy sequence with images from Sarah's mind, images evoked by the poem, provides the video's "filling."

The video is eight minutes long.


The Poet -- Jan Wallace's work has appeared in Bellowing Ark, Seattle Review, Farm Wife News, Seattle VOICE, The Bumbershoot Anthology, The Arts, Jeopardy, Matric, Poetry Seattle, and the Northwest Ferry Tales Book.  Her chapbook is Grubby Gifts, published in 1981, and reprinted in 1982 by Words, Pictures, and Images Press. Jan was chosen for the Hugo Memorial Fellowship in Poetry at the University of Montana, and won second place out of 50,000 entries in the 1986 New Woman Magazine national poetry contest. Jan has read in the Northwest Poets series, at Seattle's Bumbershoot Arts Festival, and in the Castalia series at the University of Washington.

The Lead -- Joyce Lawler, who plays Sarah, is an actress and performance artist who has appeared in several Seattle theatres, including The Bathhouse, The Empty Space, and Seattle Children's Theatre. She also wrote, directed, and starred in a one-woman show, Perfect Fit.


Step-In Productions received the generous support of a number of businesses and individuals during production. To mention just a few:
  • The Bon Marche -- their mannequins were invaluable cast members, and never forgot a line.
  • Mangetout -- serious pasta salad.
  • The Market Cafe -- they turned over the keys to me! This was our principal location, in the heart of Pike Place Market.
  • Jim Mears Photography -- thanks, Jim, for helping a green director figure out the lighting in the lab scene. We'd have been there all night, too.
  • Monorail Espresso -- they kept us going in style.

  • Vintage Clothing -- a great set and patient staff.

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