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We all know what it is to lose someone or something we love. Lament explores finding a shape for grief, a way to recognize it, express it, and move through it.


Despair, compassion, sadness, joy — Lament evokes and explores these mysteries, combining ritualized and informal movement.

The film captures the poignancy of a brief touch of hands or meeting of eyes.

Chandra Washington plays the priestess. The celebrants are Marika Chandler, Elaine Dove, Terry Hardy, Tracy Sadler, Andee Scott, and Carrie Werner.

Carrie Werner and Tracy Sadler


Rebecca Campbell was Director of Photography. The wonderful music is by Michael Kapoulas, with vocals by Tina Marsh. Lament was choreographed by Elaine Dove.


Lament received the Best Experimental Student Film Award in the Canadian Annual International Film Festival and the Juror's Choice Award in the Film Front International Student Film and Video Festival.

The film received an Award of Merit in the Sinking Creek Film and Video Festival.

Lament has also screened in the Mediawave and Brno 16 festivals.

The Temple Scene



Lament received funding from Women in Film/Dallas, the Hattie M. Strong Foundation, Liberace Foundation, Shell Oil Company Foundation, the University of Texas at Austin, and the Alston family.

Special thanks are again offered to N.H. Cominos.


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